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iPSC haplobank

Like organ transplants, cell-based therapies need to be immunologically compatible with the recipient. To resolve this, a ready supply of iPSCs that can be closely matched to individual patients in need of cell-based regenerative therapies can be made available in a stem cell bank. These iPSCs would be derived from donors representing the most common immune subtypes (or “haplotypes”) found in the population, and together they constitute a stem cell “haplobank”. This is similar to the process used in identifying organ donors, except iPSCs stored in the haplobank would be readily accessible to patients on demand, as opposed to organ transplantation which often involves extended waiting times for a suitable donor.

At Xellera, we are currently establishing the first current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)-grade iPSC haplobank in the region targeting Southern Chinese. These iPSCs can provide allogeneic cellular therapeutics to any individual with a high degree of matching to minimize risk of immune rejection, benefiting not only the local Hong Kong population but also individuals in the Greater Bay Area or other Southern Chinese around the world.

Our manufacturing process is consistent with regulatory guidelines set by the FDA, EMA and PICs.