At Xellera, we understand that the clinical and commercial success of cell and gene therapy products heavily hinges on the successful development of robust, reproducible, and scalable manufacturing processes, in addition to the years or even decades of scientific research. With the extensive experiences and know-how, Xellera aspires to provide our partners an one-stop solution to cGMP manufacturing, spanning from early process development to manufacturing and bioanalytical testing, product release as well as cryostorage.

Process Development

Are you ready for cGMP? At Xellera, there are no typical clients or partners, except for their common interests in cell and gene therapies. We understand that our clients and partners are at different stages of project development and have different needs. Whether you are getting ready to translate your decades of laboratory findings to clinical trials or scaling up your production of approved therapeutics for commercialisation, Xellera has robust solutions across upstream and downstream workflows for you process development.

Custom Manufacturing

The development of an efficient manufacturing process is critical to ensure that safe and high-quality cell and gene products are available for the patients as approved registered therapeutics or experimental medicine for clinical trials. Xellera has a portfolio of solutions for early-stage development all the way to larger-scale commercial production. With our in-house capabilities, we provide you with the infrastructure with hardware, software and expertise for a scalable, robust manufacturing process so as to efficiently take your cell- and/or gene-based therapeutic product to the patients.

Please see Our Products for CAR-T, Clinical-grade iPSC haplobank and MSC as examples of what our facility can manufacture.

Email us at [email protected] to discuss with our experts about your needs and goals.

Bioanalytical Testing

Cell-based therapeutic products have a limited shelf-life. Xellera Therapeutics provides in-house testing services for cell and gene therapy products covering characterization, safety, purity and functional testing for starting and raw materials as well as in-process and finished products. These analytical tests are crucial for allowing fast and efficient product release.

Bioanalytical Testing